Our Team

Andreas Stamatakis

Founder, CEO

Andreas is the CEO and Founder of West Palm Test Prep. He holds degrees in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Physics from Stony Brook University. He pioneered the Palm Program, the custom Test Prep system taught to all students at West Palm Test Prep. Andreas has been teaching for over a decade and has helped dozens of students ace their SAT’s and gain admission to the Ivy League. When he’s not revolutionizing Test Prep, Andreas can be found SCUBA diving, Spearfishing or at the Met Opera where he makes sure to attend at least one performance each year.

William Mullin, Tutoring Coordinator

Will is a student at Stony Brook University studying Applied Math and Statistics. He loves playing classical piano and guitar, reading, and rock climbing. Will has over 5 years of tutoring experience, and 500+ hours of tutoring in this company alone, with experience tutoring a variety of topics including the SAT, AP World History, AP Calculus AB, and Linear Algebra. He loves helping students reach their full potential!

Lydia Wang, College Essay Specialist

Lydia is a student at Cornell University majoring in Statistics with a minor in Applied Economics. She loves playing piano, guitar, and traveling. She scored a 36 on the ACT and a 1500+ on the SAT. She’s been tutoring since high school, and increased the test scores of dozens of students! She loves getting to know students beyond their academics and is looking forward to getting to know you and helping you master standardized exams / college applications!

Al-Nahian Akbar, Administrative Assistant

Al is a student at Stony Brook University studying Applied Math and Statistics. As someone who’s worked in customer service roles before and values people, Al enjoys his role as it greatly involves interacting with people. He also loves design and making art. Some of the things he loves to do are spend time with family, write, explore new films and series, thrift, and exercise.

Daniel Amin, Legendary Tutor

Daniel is a student at NYU majoring in Biology on the Pre-Health track. He loves going to the gym, playing or watching sports, and exploring new places in NYC. He scored a 1500+ on the SAT and has been tutoring since high school. In that time Daniel has taught a variety of subjects including ACT/SAT test prep, AP Physics, and AP Calculus! He loves getting to know his students and helping them succeed!

Larry Yang, Legendary Tutor

Larry is a student at New York University studying Math and Computer Science. He loves solving puzzles, cooking, and exploring NYC. Larry scored a 1560 on the SAT and received a 5 on ten AP exams. He’s been tutoring for 4+ years, with experience in the SAT, AP courses, and competition-level math. He is excited to get to know students and help them reach their academic goals!

Priya Raju, College Essay Specialist

Priya is a pre-medical student at the Wilkes Honors College of Florida Atlantic University. Having successfully navigated the rigorous medical school application process, she is now well-prepared to expertly edit essays. In her free time, she enjoys weightlifting, reading, and dancing.

Shalakha Bonthu, Legendary Tutor

Shalakha is a student at the College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University. She has been tutoring since high school, specializing in SAT/ACT prep, AP biology, and AP chemistry! When Shalakha isn’t tutoring, she enjoys traveling and learning languages. She is currently fluent in three languages (English, Telugu, and Spanish) and is hoping to master two more (Arabic and Korean) in the near future!

Shoumik Kundu, Ace Tutor

Shoumik is a student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign studying Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. He loves cars, playing video games, and traveling. He scored a 1500+ on the SAT, and at school, is a member of the FSAE electric motorsports team, and American Society of Mechanical Engineers. He has been involved in tutoring since high school. He looks forward to helping you further your abilities in AP classes and the SAT.

Chloe Wen, College Essay Specialist

Chloe is a student at Stony Brook University majoring in anthropology and minoring in chemistry. She scored a 1590 on the SAT and scored in the 100th percentile on the MCAT. At school, she volunteers as an EMT and does research in neuroanatomy, and in her free time she loves to dance and make Spotify playlists. She’s tutored many high school students and loves getting to know them beyond their school work. She looks forward to helping you fulfill your greatest potential in writing essays.

Trinity Wang, Ace Tutor

Trinity is a graduate of Cornell University with a major in Human Biology and a minor in Human Development. She’s been tutoring since high school and scored a 36 on the ACT and a 1580 on the SAT. She’s currently applying to dental schools while working part-time as a dental assistant and likes to crochet to relax and unwind. She’s looking forward to helping her students ace their exams!

Kimberly Zhang, College Essay Specialist:

Kimberly is a recent graduate of Cornell University majoring in Biological Sciences and minoring in Business. She will be attending medical school in fall of 2024. She scored a 1500+ on the SAT and has tutored since high school. She has helped students edit their essays since her first year of college. In her free time she likes to draw, bike, and play card games. She looks forward to helping her students!

David Zhao, Ace Tutor

David is a student at Stony Brook University studying Data Science. He loves playing basketball, badminton, and enjoys ice skating. Throughout his college years, he taught through a diverse set of subjects ranging from statistics to computer science. He enjoys helping students grow and wants students to appreciate the art of learning

Saachi Mody, Ace Tutor

Saachi is a student at MIT majoring in Computational Neuroscience. She’s been tutoring and TAing since high school, and has helped dozens of students pass collegiate math and science courses. When she’s not helping our clients write phenomenal essays and excel at their SATs, Saachi is working as an EMT, dancing, or reading. Saachi is professionally trained in Indian Classical Dance and loves books like Klara and the Sun and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

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